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Mat Chivers — Quarantine Day 1

May 22, 2020 — Makati, Philippines

Planet Earth

I’ve set the alarm on my phone for midday every day for the next fourteen days and I’ll take a photo of myself when it sounds. Forty-eight hours ago I was sitting in a boat, watching the sun go down over a lake north of Montréal. Now I’m more than three thousand miles away watching the same sun go down over a river in Devon, this time I’m on my own with a stretch of quarantine ahead. It was uncanny looking down at the empty streets of Toronto on my flight back, and waiting on the normally heaving concourse of Paddington station in London with nine other masked and socially distanced passengers. I’ve been in lockdown in Montreal for the past two and a half months, watching events unfolding in the world as we all have. Like most of us, this moment has directed my attention inwards. I’ve always seen IG as a memory bank for fleeting moments and a way to participate in some kind of community loop — but I’ve shied away from posting images of myself as many users do. There’s something about this moment that’s made me want to see how IG can function as a mirror, because right now we’re all being forced to look at ourselves 🥴

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