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Mat Chivers — Quarantine Day 14

June 4, 2020

Today’s my last day of quarantine and my kids were going to be with me tonight but they’ve got some kind of vomiting bug. It’s tough timing after months apart, but we’re going to wait until its passed. Twenty-five years ago I hitch-hiked from Europe to the Himalaya. It took me three months to get there. Three months alone but not alone, because I was always taken in by the kindness of strangers. I thought I was still okay at being on my own but I’m revising that idea. If we decide to be alone that’s different to having no choice. My heart goes out to those who are really alone in this moment. Although writing for these posts has been spontaneous, it’s pushed me inside my mind all day, every day. I’ve had no break from my thought forms, but I can still only scratch the surface as I wait for what I really feel amongst the noise. Thoughts loop and repeat and I work to look without judgment at the ones that repel me. I see a link to making things, although my body’s only implicated when I’m walking. Yesterday I crashed and couldn’t post. I had no words – only confusion. But today feels slightly different, as if that pain has made things more visible. I’ve always felt that thoughts are like clouds – they constantly shape-shift, with no end or beginning. And like clouds they’re part of an ecology. Descartes and his kind have cast a long shadow over the way we’ve thought, seeing the world as atomized and boundaries – you and me, not us. The theoretical and moral justification for four hundred years of colonization. Of other humans. Of other species and ecologies. Now our collective rite-of-passage is illuminating the interconnectedness of all things: mashing dualism. I commit to my part in that

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