We are the engines of climate change. It is not happening around us; it is happening through us, in us and because of us. It’s time we start perceiving our capacity to co-create through micro-and macro lenses, for the truth is: What is in One is indeed in the Whole. We can heal this planet – one person at a time. And it starts with us.

To heal, we have to start to « live » holism, as healing one self heals the whole of humanity, what Caroline calls the bio-spiritual ecology.

*What follows is a transcript from Breathe Together, a workshop by Caroline Myss, recorded in March 2020.

Our personal anatomy breathes with the anatomical system of the global village

Everything that happens is interconnected, all that you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, all of your relationships, even if they don’t know each other. The « quality » of everything in your life is speaking to each other.

Energetically, everything is connected in your life at any given moment. Everything in your life is breathing together — it’s impossible to separate these things. Same is true on a larger level: the collective creating events, society — is also co-creating you.

But then, why people don’t heal?

Photo by Simone Pellegrini on Unsplash
Photo by Simone Pellegrini on Unsplash

The Myth of the Healthy Strong Person

We don’t actually have a template, an icon, an archetype of a healthy person, that we want to follow.

Archetypal patterns are the circuits that connect you to the events you’re co-creating.

Our idea of being healthy is somebody who’s herculean, somebody who’s big and strong and independent and invincible. We have a myth in our heads of what a fully healthy person is, and that fully healthy person is not somebody we want to be. Because this is the person who then has to take care of everybody else and we don’t want to be that person. We don’t want to be the person who can’t ask for help. We want to be the person who gets to ask for help, so nobody wants to be fully healthy.

We have a completely unrealistic idea of what it is to be a healthy person, we have this idea that healing means we get some place and everything is fully healed and we’re done.

That allows us to continually stay in ourselves and not take this next step, which is that in order to be really a healthy person, we get to know our anatomy, we get to understand that we in fact are in charge of our reality.

Now that I understand how I work, I know I must connect to the whole

Because the real objective of you becoming a whole person and healing is not for yourself but for everybody else. So long as you’re disconnected from the whole, you’ll never heal, because you’ll never get that your health, 75% of your health, is contributed by the health of everybody else.

The idea that you think you’re responsible for your health by yourself is one of the greatest illusions you’re under. And the idea that you can pull back and dwell in a little narcissistic bubble and just heal yourself and just cling to yourself is the reason you will dwell in depression and won’t be able to break it out.

You are breathing with all of life, one with everything

You have a choice: you either pour grace into the world or you don’t. But it serves all of us to pour grace into everybody because we are all breathing together. And until we get that, we’re never getting out of anything.

— Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is my ultimate mentor at distance, as I hold in reverence pretty much everything she says in her books and lectures, about human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

She is pragmatic, no-non sense and has a knack for telling inspiring stories explaining the influence that our individual and collective attitudes have on healing.

I discovered her with Anatomy of the Spirit, during my very first backpack trip in 2005, which introduced me to a mind blowing understanding of the human energy system.

My favourite titles of hers include:

To this day, I spend a good portion of my alone time catching up with her never ending video content online.