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It takes some of you

Time ... most precious thing!

Time ... most precious thing!

All week long, as I do my work [I do have a day job], or anything actually, I monitor my Gmail account. It became a second nature to spot potential news’ material by looking at the subject of the message and often by the source, who’s sending it.

I use tags too, one in particular for preselecting the events I will potentially announce. That’s the core of the work to “acquire” content, since the basic business of the webzine is to relay information.

I’m proud of my « effort management », that I was able to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce the blog. However, it still requires a minimum of my time: all in all, the equivalent of a day per week. And that’s the end result. It took me years to get there. At first, it was more like a second full time job!

Word from the editor

So ratsdeville is all about relaying content that is readily available, and generated by the « milieu », the artists and gallerists essentially looking to promote their events.

In order to actually create content and gain more credibility, it became important at some point to include my own editorial voice in the mix. It’s a good strategy to engage the reader on a more personal level. The connection may become stronger with this human touch. People are curious to know what the person behind anything is thinking, what they are like. So I make sure to publish posts from time to time on the subject of visual arts, sharing thoughts and observations with a candid, idiosyncratic, tone. I call it Le mot de l’éditeur.

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