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Mat Chivers — Quarantine Day 10

May 31, 2020

I’ve lost a steady stream of followers over the past nine days of posting. It seems I’ve inadvertently managed to find a way of refining my own echo-chamber. People say that IG is a numbers game. Apparently, as an artist the more followers you have, you up your chances of sales or opportunities because it’s all about visibility: casting images out into the digital flow, hoping for a byte. We see now more than ever how IG gives us a sense that we’re okay despite the crisis in the world. Or not okay, but at least we’re not okay together. Although I’ve been talking on the phone whilst in quarantine, because of the amount of time I’m getting alone I’ve been chatting to myself a fair bit more than normal, and out walking today one of me realized that I’m accidentally hosting myself for an IG takeover on my own account. I’ve got this internal dialogue that’s craving more community – I can hear my mind constantly processing ways to stay connected whilst the world on our screens becomes more fragmented. As a kid I bred moths and butterflies in a shed at the bottom of the garden. I was fascinated by a moment that I couldn’t ever see, obscured by the elaborate camouflage of the carapace. Some have evolved to be invisible like dead leaves or droplets of water, and some have spikes or coloration that deter predators. But inside every chrysalis there’s an extraordinary process going on. The unique tracts and organs of the larvae break down into a kind of soup. Then, stimulated by the emergence of imaginal cells, the goo starts to react, triggering a build response that leads to the formation of the winged adult; different in every way.

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