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Mat Chivers — Quarantine Day 11

June 1, 2020

Witnessing the eruption of pain and rage through my screen has left me reeling. My phone a prosthesis all day. Sitting beside the river in the half-light of dusk wondering what I can do, another tree fell in the forest to barely a croak from the resident bird population. This one sounded different to the last two I’ve heard in my time here. There’s virtually no wind and fish are rising after flies. The ripples they cast are audible as they break on the low tide mudbank. I heard the tree rip as it broke. It sounded like it tore up its length, exposing knotted grain and years of growth. I could hear it twitching for minutes after, as it settled into its new position. My idea to use IG as a mirror seems more bizarre as the days roll on. An echo in an echo. I’m sure it would’ve done anyway – even if events hadn’t shifted again. How much deeper can we go. I can feel the tension in my body and my mind as I try to drag words out of me. Time feels strange – it’s so not an arrow. It stretches then congeals around moments.

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